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September 2021

Life at Ìlúbìrin’s lagoon-side community will be extraordinary. A neighbourhood that is rich with amenities for all age-groups, families and individuals. Places to eat, to shop, to relax and to work, a new district being built today and designed for tomorrow.

Highlights will include stunning apartments, new shops, restaurants and cafes, offices, performance spaces, medical facilities, a marina, a school and carefully curated and landscaped gardens and wetlands. Ìlúbìrin is on track to define a new standard of living, one that both incorporates and fosters a safe and healthy community flourishing beside the Lagos lagoon.

The Promenade Park running along the lagoon edge parallel to Marine Drive, will provide stunning views back to the Ìlúbìrin waterfront, whilst also offering the opportunity to walk, cycle, picnic, jog and sit on the water’s edge. An exciting feature of Promenade Park will also be the amphitheatre and floating stage, providing a venue for small concerts and children’s entertainment; we are keen to attract a range of performers and music groups for the enjoyment of Ìlúbìrin’s residents.

A new community school is planned and wide range of medical services available at the Lagos Ambulatory Care Centre (LACC). Ìlúbìrin is multi-faceted and truly an exciting opportunity to be part of tomorrow’s Lagos.

To find out more about what life at Ìlúbìrin will hold, we welcome you to experience a preview of Ìlúbìrin at our marketing suite. To manage numbers please prebook your appointment by calling on 0812 400 0000 or emailing us at We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you to a new life at Ìlúbìrin.


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