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Created to develop the waterfront district Ilubirin, Ilubirin Foreshore Projects Limited is the joint venture of First Investment Property Company (FIDC) and Ibile Holdings. The strategic Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the Lagos State Government and FIDC ensures the mixed development community Ilubirin is positioned to flourish as the pinnacle for modern and eco-friendly living in Lagos.


Investor Partner

The Lagos State Government is at the heart of Nigeria’s economic hub and commercial capital. To successfully monitor the states GDP and assets, the Lagos State Government established Ibile Holding Limited in 1989, as their investment company. Since, Ibile Holdings Limited has been tasked with the diversification of the Lagos State economy, delivering financial returns and socio-economic benefits to the state. The company has invested on behalf of the Lagos State Government, with financial independence, diversity, integrity and professionalism as the principal values. With Lagos State contributing over 12% to the Nigerian GDP, ranked as the 13th largest economy in Africa, Ibile Holdings Limited has created strategic partnerships across its portfolio, ensuring positive strides to benefit the citizens of Lagos. Ibile’s broad spectrum of investments across a multitude of sectors (banking, insurance, construction and real estate) has seen the company thrive, establishing itself as Nigeria’s first point of contact for foreign investors and creating new technical ventures thanks to the unique diversity and financial opportunity accessible in Lagos.

Main Contractor

Established in 1958, ARBICO has been successfully delivering building and civil engineering contracts for 60 years, becoming one of the leading building constructions companies in Nigeria to date. ARBICO’s longevity has seen it taken on a multitude of clients, from governments, multinational companies, industrial groups to high-net-worth individuals. With each development, ARBICO continuously solidified its global reputation and track record for managing and delivering constructions projects on time with an operational strategy to maintain full professional services. The combination of efficiency, time and resource management and team experience, has guaranteed every project is successfully executed, on time and within budget.


SAOTA, a leading firm of architects is driven by the dynamic combination of Stefan Antoni, Philip Olmesdahl, Greg Truen, Phillippe Fouche and Mark Bullivant who share a potent vision easily distinguished in their design.

This, paired with both an innovative and dedicated approach to the design, documentation and execution of projects globally, has seen SAOTA become an internationally sought-after brand.

Capitalising on a unique understanding of an ever-evolving industry, SAOTA continues to build on past experiences and is well positioned to offer expert services to the corporate, institutional, commercial and residential marketplace. With strong roots in South Africa, 85% of SAOTA’s clientele is now international with projects on six continents.

High rise multi-residential and mix use building located in Ealing, London.



Founded in 1995, ECAD Architects has successfully grown into a multidisciplinary Architectural firm throughout their 23-years.

Specialising in a variety of sectors including; residential, industrial, recreational, commercial, health, hospitality and education, continues to contribute to their on-going success and international status.

Their state-of-the-art computerised operations system, high standards of design has enabled the firm to deliver luxury apartment buildings, townhouses, villas, commercial office space, corporate head offices, specialist hospitals and institutional projects.

ECAD’s unique understanding and experience in the Nigerian design space has been brought to bear in the design developmentation of the Ilubirin Project.

Designed by ECAD Architects in Association with Capita, located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Urban Designers

Internationally recognised for redefining the standards across the industry for over 20 years – GAPP. Based in South Africa, the team’s skillsets and philosophy of mutual respect and open communication have paved the way for award-winning collaborations and innovation in architecture and urban designs across their projects. Sustainability and vibrant environmental regeneration are at the core of urban designs at GAPP. Providing their clients with urban designs policies, frameworks, guidelines, plans and implantation strategies, tailoring each to the specifications to the individual project development, public transport precincts, small town regeneration, waterfronts and resorts.

Landscape Designers

A multi-disciplinary firm, with over 25 years of in-depth expertise in urban and regional planning, urban design and landscaping architecture. Committed to a holistic methodology, Planning Partners provides their worldwide client base various levels of detail, managed according to the regional plans.

Interior Designers

Tope Edu Designs is an interior design company, specialising in creativity and functionality. With over 13 years of experience and offering a full range of interior design services (space planning and design consultation, interior decoration, supply of furniture and soft furnishings, procurement of finishes, materials and corporate brand styling), they approach each project with a full understanding of how to achieve the client’s requirements and objectives. Tope Edu Designs has created individually tailored client practical and state-of-the-art design solutions for luxury private residences, residential developments, commercial, hospitality and retail spaces.


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