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Ìlúbìrin Announces School for Waterside Community’s Young Residents

September 2020

Today, FIDC is affirming its commitment to education and child development by announcing plans for a school in the estate.

Anticipated to be among the best in the country, the school will be positioned at the picturesque south side of the development with classrooms overlooking the Wetlands Park, an area of spectacular natural beauty.

An emphasis will be placed on cutting-edge curriculums that inspire creativity, personal development and diligence in pupils. FIDC is currently in discussion with a number of world-class educational institutions that are vying to run the teaching programmes at the school.

With greater understanding emerging of the links between health, wellness, happiness and personal success, the school will feature a roster of games and physical education to keep young minds sharp. Crucially, students will have access to a sports field as well as brand new equipment for football, rugby, hockey, cricket and athletics.

Meanwhile, the adjacent Wetlands Park will provide opportunities for cross country runs and nature walks. An environment education centre at the park will be the perfect setting to provide students with compelling lessons about conservation and the wonders of the natural world.


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