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Green parks and communal spaces at Ìlúbìrin

June 2021

The high-quality public realm of Ìlúbìrin plays a critical role in defining its character, identity, and vibrancy. The public realm is comprised of expertly designed and landscaped streets, lively squares, local parks, and promenades.

The public and open spaces have been intelligently designed; crafted to connect pedestrian streets and squares seamlessly. The overarching objective is to create a welcoming, safe, and walkable mixed-use destination capable of accommodating a diverse range of uses, events and experiences.

With four landscaped parks and a range of unique amenities, including waterfront lawns, play and fitness areas, a floating stage, pop-up restaurants, cafés and much more, Ìlúbìrin has activities to suit every taste. Sit and play with friends on the wave deck, meander along the promenade pathway or lounge on the grass berms and lawn areas.

Central to the vision is a people-friendly space with dedicated pedestrian and bicycle-friendly areas. The aim is to develop a strong sense of place and identity, and creating a neighbourhood residents will be truly proud of. Communal areas have been designed with flexibility and multi-functionality at their heart, developing a positive and compelling community spirit. Safety and security are also ensured, thanks to Ìlúbìrin’s passive surveillance and safe-living environments that permeate the whole district.


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